Vintage Car Clubs

Friday, June 7, 2019 | 10:01 AM

On Sunday June 2nd, the Rolls Royce/Bentley Car Club gathered for and event right here nestled in the hills of Sewickley. Vintage Car Clubs still exist, and are a great way to talk about history of the automobile, socialize, network, and just bring to light the mechanisms and or transformation that the automobile has made throughout the years. Car clubs bring people together to enjoy one another’s company which in todays world is fading since a lot of communication is thru digital texting, emails, Facebook, and other technical devices. When gathering for these car club events, people travel to areas within Pittsburgh,  surrounding suburbs, and rural area. This alone strikes up conversation regarding our towns.  Car clubs generate networking since the members are a wide range of ages, professions, and backgrounds. Car Clubs generate income for business since the clubs take road trips, stopping at eateries, drive to theaters in the country, and many other events. We try to bring attention to these clubs making awareness that they are still very much alive, offer a lot of enjoyment, friendship, educational knowledge, and simply to relax and enjoy the day and history has shown in the past. Todays world is so fast paced, people need to slow down and enjoy the world or day. Our car club ages range from 40’s – high 70’s and what a blend we have. We offer both adult events along with family events so the children can see the cars and make it a family day.
FYI – I was the host of the party and am the brunette with the leopard dress on standing by the Rolls Royce and a lose up of myself. SO again, car clubs are not just for all men, some of ladies like the beauty, characteristic, style, history, of vehicles as well.