The Recent Election at Sewickley Ridge

Friday, April 19, 2019 | 8:11 AM

The recent election at Sewickley Ridge was a mockery of the election process. Residents have described what happened as “an obvious fix”, “appalling”, “a dishonest and underhanded fiasco”, “unethical, wrong, and sleazy”, “disreputable”, “exploitation of a questionable guideline in the Bylaws”, “an abomination”, “disgusting”, “a set-up”, “pathetic”, and a “Banana Republic election”. Those of you who cooked up this scheme should be ashamed. You did not get away with it.

What happened was this: four candidates went through the prescribed vetting process and then the current Board pulled a bait and switch scheme at the last minute to add their preferred candidate to the slate. He won handily with a tally of questionable statistical probability. This blatant subterfuge was designed to prevent competent women who have demonstrated extraordinary smartness and independent thinking from serving on the Board. As to the question of why the perpetrators did this, I will let you draw your own conclusions, but I think I know. Call me if you want to talk about it.

What now? My position is that there should be a new election following Best Practices for HOA Board Elections that includes an independent entity to run the election to keep it above reproach. The new Board is now morally illegitimate and lacks credibility because of the cheap trick that determined the outcome. Respect for the leadership is now impossible. The spirit of the community is threatened by this toxicity.

In the past, those who have offered constructive criticism of the leadership here have been labeled as disgruntled troublemakers. To ignore those who are trying to tell you the truth is dangerous. Our election was hijacked. Lets do it over.