Signs vandalized with box cutters on Blackburn and Grove streets in Sewickley

Saturday, October 6, 2018 | 5:00 PM

Sewickley residents on Grove and Blackburn streets woke up on Saturday Oct. 6 to find that someone had trespassed on their properties with box cutters and slashed their signs in support of Democratic candidates, including Representative Conor Lamb, Senator John Casey and Governor Tom Wolf.

Dr. Dave Hennessey said “that this is not just disrespectful of my property and my political views but it is an insult to the tenants of our Democracy.”

He said he felt profoundly sad and offended by it both personally and as a citizen of this country.

Bridgett Bates said she “wished that the person who did this would respect others’ political perspectives and their properties, and would instead voice their opinions by voting on November 6th rather than vandalizing the neighborhood.”

Residents thought the use of box cutters felt particularly threatening, and that this might represent a more personal attack than the usual election time pranks, such as sign switching or stealing. Residents of Grove and Blackburn streets spoke to Sewickley Police Officer Dave Yurkovac, who wrote up a report on the incident. Officer Yukovac said that if others experience similar vandalism they should call the police emergency line and report it right away.