Sewickley Academy Junior Performs as Morticia in the CLO Academy’s Production of the Addams Family

Friday, September 13, 2019 | 3:18 PM

Next weekend, Sewickley Academy junior Felicia N. will star as Morticia in the Pittsburgh CLO Academy of Musical Theater’s production of the Addams Family.

Felicia has been performing with the CLO for 10 years and loves the community and the rehearsal process of theater. “In almost every show I have been in, the cast members are not only friends, we become a little family. That community is one of the best parts about being in theater,” she said. “The process, while exhausting, is so rewarding when the show finally comes together. Even though some nights we think the show may never come together, we always manage to pull it off.”

The music and the comedy appealed to Felicia, and her role has caused her to stretch beyond her comfort zone. She shared, “Morticia is so far outside of my natural character that she has been a fun challenge. One of the most challenging aspects of playing Morticia is how to make her my own, while still playing the classic character.” She continued, “Most people know of the Morticia in the movies or TV show, so it’s a little difficult to portray this iconic role and somehow make it my own. I love playing with her different moods and attitudes.”

What can audiences expect from the CLO Academy’s production of the Addams Family? Felicia thinks the audience should be prepared to laugh. “There are so many great moments from the opening number, the tango, to the little moments in between. This show has it all – singing, dancing, and a great cast that will have audiences in stitches,” said Felicia.

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