Movie opening: The inspirational Maiden

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 | 10:54 AM

A film exploring the challenges faced by the first all-female crew to ever enter the famed Whitbread Round the World yacht race pulls into port at The Tull Family Theater on Friday, Sept. 6, at least until Thursday, Sept. 12.

Maiden should be experienced in a theater,” states flatly. “…The movie could be a factor in this year’s documentary Oscar race.”

Female veteran British sailor Tracy Edwards initially could only participate in the Whitbread Round the World yacht race as a cook. But in 1989-1990, she cobbled together an all-female crew, mortgaged her house to buy and restore a second-hand yacht, mortgaged the boat as well—and even then, only far-fetched circumstances made it possible for her to enter the race, Indiewire relates.

The rest is history—but not a commonly known one. “As with all firsts, the quest to be taken seriously is almost as insurmountable as the actual task at hand,” explains “And the Whitbread is no easy feat; it’s 33,000 nautical miles in total.”

The first voice heard in the film, says Ebert, belongs to Edwards: “The ocean is always trying to kill you. It doesn’t take a break.”

“It’s not lost on the filmmakers that the ocean, with its overarching command of death, is the only equal-opportunity proponent in the Whitbread,” continues Ebert. “Maiden excels as a suspenseful sports tale and a record of a historic first, but its biggest strength is in its warts-and-all character study of the Maiden crew. One can’t help but feel seen, moved and empowered once the credits roll.”

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