Oh, how I love Sewickley

Thursday, September 6, 2018 | 2:51 PM

My paternal grandparents settled in Sewickley in the early 1900s as immigrants (legal) from Southern Italy.

My granddad established his residence and business on Chestnut Street and remained there until his semi-retirement to Southern California at age 50.

He loved to drive back, often.

His younger sister followed him to Sewickley and, in time, opened a wonderful restaurant there. She remained in Sewickley, with a winter home in Florida, until her death at 90+.

I asked my granddad, late in his life, why he never visited or planned to visit Italy. He said “I love America. I never would have the opportunities there.”

My sister is a Sewickley resident. I graduated from Quaker Valley Senior High school and promptly moved away. Over 50-plus years, I returned occasionally for family functions.

Last year, I returned for the sole purpose of a nostalgia trip. It was wonderful and emotional. Especially walking Chestnut Street, touching my grandfather’s old building, talking with a next-door neighbor and photographing my great aunt’s old restaurant building.

I also walked the town and drove the area soaking up old, and new, sights. I will return this year to do it again, and hopefully many more rimes.

I am proud to say I have deep roots in Sewickley.