Sewickley native publishes new ‘Unicorn’ children’s book

Monday, November 19, 2018 | 6:48 PM

Sewickley native Navah Rae Ross Adams has a new bedtime book for kids, “The Fallen Unicorn.”

It was a love for horses and unicorns that inspired Ross Adams to pen the bedtime story that tells of horses in history, and how white-colored coats and markings came about.

“The Fallen Unicorn” (published by Xlibris) follows the story of Crystal, a frisky unicorn who, after an unfortunate event, embarked on an amazing adventure and changed the look of horses forever. Crystal, a young playful unicorn, lands on the ground by mistake and turns into a horse. She is discovered and soon joins in with a barn of horses. Crystal is so unique and talented that she is put on a show team and soon becomes the most impressive horse in the world.

Not only was she unbeatable in the show ring, but she was a beautiful white color unlike any horses of that time. She was amazingly different, and everyone wanted a horse like her.

“I was born and raised in Sewickley and have since moved south, but I still love my hometown and visit when I can,” she says. “I wanted to share the good news!!!

Ross Adams also does illustration work for Horse & Rider magazine, along with various other publications. She lives on a small horse ranch with her husband and a collection of animals.