‘Christians in the Mirror’ documentary has local ties

Monday, October 22, 2018 | 12:16 PM

The Pittsburgh premiere of a documentary profiling the plight of persecuted believers has a local connection. The missionary work of Sudanese Anglican priest, the Rev. John Chol Daau, is featured in the film. One of the “lost boys of Sudan,” he was a student at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge a decade ago.

John will be in town for the debut of “Christians in the Mirror” at 7 p.m. Oct. 29 at The Tull Family Theater, Sewickley. The free movie screening and Q&A session with the war refugee is open to the public; seating is limited.

In 2016, alone, more than 90,000 Christians were martyred for their faith. The film highlights stories of faith and courage in the face of persecution from Syria, Iraq, India, Sudan, and Egypt, providing an inside look into religious persecution. Mosaic Anglican (Imperial) and Trinity Anglican (Beaver) Churches are hosting the event.

The friendship between the Rev. Elaine Storm, Mosaic’s rector, and John has spanned nearly 10 years. “When I first met John in Kakuma, Kenya, I was moved as he shared how he survived his childhood. Prior to my journey to Kakuma, I had only read about the persecuted church. While I was there, I heard countless stories from survivors. Mosaic’s partnership with Trinity Beaver to support John’s vision (to rebuild the South Sudan by training the next generation of leaders) has impacted both of our congregations—especially as we begin to see his vision become a reality.”

The film will challenge viewers. According to Producer Patrick Carberry, “This documentary is a call for all Christians to look into their ‘Christian mirror,’ and to see whom is reflected back… Many Christians in the West are…often unaware or indifferent to our brothers’ and sisters’ plight.”
“Many churches pray for The Persecuted Church each week when we come together for worship.” Danielle Iman, Mosaic’s lay evangelist and director of outreach, notes. “But, beyond the headlines, how many of us in the West really understand what these men, women and children are experiencing?”

To learn more, visit www.mosaicpgh.org or Christians in the Mirror.