Bootlegging, Breakdowns & the Building of Big Sewickley Creek Road

Saturday, February 1, 2020 | 2:26 PM

“The building of Big Sewickley Creek Road…seems attended by bad luck. Breakdowns in machinery, large labor turnovers and bootlegging activities in the vicinity of the labor camps have all combined to form a jinx which has hindered completion of this work…The county authorities raided speakeasies and stills in the vicinity of the road and already many of those apprehended are serving time in the jail and workhouse…Each day five or six men demand their wages and quit or wander away after payday. Saturdays and Sundays bootleggers from Allegheny County flood the district with moonshine or the men wander into the nearby towns and are arrested and unable to pay fines and costs, are sentenced to the lockup to serve time. Monday mornings the foremen have hardly enough men to operate the machines. When there is a good supply of men the machinery goes wrong.”  (Daily Times 4 November 1924)

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