Tentative road repairs scheduled in Sewickley Valley

Friday, December 6, 2019 | 6:01 AM

Drivers who have been inconvenienced by closures along Little Sewickley Creek Road will have to endure a little longer as PennDOT has tentative plans to make repairs next year.

According to PennDOT District 11 spokesperson Steve Cowan, there are two single-lane road closures in Edgeworth and one in Bell Acres, the latter near the intersection of Little Sewickley Creek and Sevin roads.

“The two locations in Edgeworth Borough are due to landslides. Tentatively, depending on obtaining funding, these landslides will be remediated as part of a construction project which is currently in the design phase,” Cowan said in an email.

Edgeworth Borough Manager John Schwend said one of these landslides dates back to 2017. PennDOT staff and geotechnical engineers have surveyed the area in preparation for repairs.

“The side of the road basically has fallen away, and the road itself collapsed,” he added.

A single-lane section near Sevin Road was closed about a month ago, Schwend said.

“The single-lane restriction in Bell Acres Borough is due to a failing stone retaining wall adjacent to the stream. The tentative plan is to replace the retaining wall in early to mid-2020,” said Cowan.

In affected areas, PennDOT has set up cones and temporary stop signs for traffic coming each way, according to Schwend.

PennDOT also has a tentative timeframe for repairing the sections of Little Sewickley Creek Road in Edgeworth affected by landslides. Cowan said the plan is to start receiving bids for repair in the fall of 2020.

The timeframes PennDOT has set may depend on the region’s weather. Given the high number of landslides in the Pittsburgh area during recent years, Schwend said the Little Sewickley Creek Road repairs may be pushed back for higher priority projects.

In addition to Little Sewickley Creek Road, other roads in the Sewickley Valley region have experienced landslides recently. A section of Way Hollow Road was blocked off this year due to a landslide, and PennDOT is considering closing the road in the future.

“The district is working through details to potentially close Way Hollow Road for safety reasons in Edgeworth Borough and Sewickley Heights Borough. There is no set date when this will occur but proper notification will be provided prior to any closure occurring,” Cowan said.

A road slide on Redgate Road in Haysville Borough is currently listed as under construction on the PennDOT website.