Sewickley’s military banner program expanding to other communities

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 6:00 AM

John Dunn envisions a 12-mile stretch of military banners adorning telephone poles from Ambridge to Haysville.

Since Dunn resuscitated Sewickley’s program in February, more than 30 banners have been purchased. Each one bears the name of a military veteran and the community honoring their service.

The Sewickley councilman continues to promote the program to communities throughout the Quaker Valley region, including Glen Osborne.

“That prompted me to investigate a little bit more, so that’s why I went to one of (Glen Osborne’s) borough meetings and just advised them this would be a good thing,” Dunn said. “It’s a win-win for everybody.”

The 24-by-36-inch banners, made by HML Enterprises, cost $100, which includes installation and hardware. Duquesne Light allows municipalities to use its poles for free after a brief verification process, Dunn said.

Glen Osborne officials are in agreement on the program, which is currently in its early stages there, according to Councilwoman Mary Scalercio. She said borough council could take it up for a vote in June.

They likely would not have even considered the program if Dunn hadn’t attended a meeting earlier this year and given a presentation, Scalercio said.

Sewickley has a website that allows residents to order banners, and Dunn said he sees Glen Osborne possibly following suit.

According to Scalercio, residents may be able to start purchasing banners in the next few months.

“I’m hopeful that it will be a successful endeavor and that everyone who wants to will be able to honor their family member who was in the military,” Scalercio said.

Dunn plans to help make the same opportunity available in Leetsdale and Edgeworth by sharing information about the program with municipal leaders.

He said many Sewickley residents have responded favorably to the program. He has spent hours listening to stories about family members who served. Residents have ordered banners honoring veterans from the Civil War through recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The value is that we’re not forgetting the sacrifices that the military gave us, the men and the women that sacrificed everything,” Dunn said.

Residents of Sewickley can purchase military banners by visiting