Sewickley to add more paid parking spaces in business district

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 | 12:54 PM

There will soon be about 60 additional parking places in Sewickley’s business district.

At its Sept. 11 meeting, Sewickley council members passed two motions to add the spaces. The moves were made at the request of Sewickley Parking Authority Chairman Richard Webb, who in August lobbied for the actions.

Council members approved Webb’s request to restripe lines in the Division Street and Green Street parking lots and they acted on a motion to revise a borough ordinance allowing for the addition of paid parking spaces on three streets in the borough.

The streets that will get more spaces are Thorn Street, from Walnut to Little Street; Little Street from Thorn to Beaver Street; and Beaver Street from Straight to Peebles Street, according to council President Jeff Neff.

The moves will add about 60 paid parking spaces, depending on the exact dimensions and placement of the spaces, Webb told the Sewickley Herald in an email.

In an interview last month, Webb said that a previous line restriping in the Division and Green Street lots several years ago had increased the size of each parking space yet removed 20 spaces. Neff indicated that the spots will be reduced to nine feet wide, from their current width of 11 feet.

Council members affirmed the additional parking on Thorn, Little and Beaver streets will be part of Zone 2.

Council may soon vote on a motion to create more Zone 2 parking on Walnut Street, which currently has 43 permit parking spaces, according to statements Webb made to council in August. Webb also said it costs 50 cents to park in Zone 2 for two hours.

On Sept. 11, council decided not to vote on the Walnut Street motion until they confirm how many permit holders who park there would be affected.

The addition of more paid parking spots is part of a larger effort by the Sewickley Parking Authority to increase the availability of parking in Sewickley.

Earlier this summer, the authority made an agreement with Heritage Valley hospital to lease 55 spaces in its garage.

Although councilman Larry Rice told said he hasn’t received much resident support for the idea of restriping the Division and Green Street lots, councilwoman Cynthia Mullins urged her colleagues to be patient as the changes go into effect.

“I think the parking authority is working on some solutions to the problems that are going to pay off, but there’s going to be some pain,” Mullins said.

Sam Bojarski is a Tribune-Review contributing writer.