Sewickley Query Club is set to begin its 2018-19 season

Saturday, September 29, 2018 | 7:03 AM

The theme for the Sewickley Query Club 2018-19 season is “Technology and Social Change.”

The meetings are from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Sewickley Public Library, 500 Thorn St., and open to the public.

The season schedule is as follows:

• Oct. 1

What’s So Special About the Bronze Age? (Connor Cogswell)

Titanic: Engineering, Myth and Legend (Carol Shifflett)

Refreshments will feature desserts from the Titanic’s First and Third-Class menus.

• Oct. 15

Penicillin: The Difference Between Life and Death (Janet Oellig)

Computer Speech Recognition is Changing the World (Chris Steffy)

• Nov. 12

From Balloons and Kites To Drones (George Craig)

Money, Money, Money (John Orndorff)

• Jan. 7 Genetic Engineering (Steve Houghton)

How the Internet Has Changed Our Economy (Sandy Inman)

• Jan. 28

The Dust Bowl (Special Guest: Todd DePastino)

• Feb. 11

Sneakers and the Rise of the Physical Fitness Movement (Lynne Schneider)

The Greatest Human Being Who Ever Lived (Linda Zang)

• April 8

Bits and Pieces: Houses by Mail and Rail (Mary Wear)

The Impact of the Railroads on Business and Politics (Mary Mannion)