Sewickley area real estate transactions released

Friday, July 6, 2018 | 2:30 PM

Here are the latest Sewickley area real estate transactions:


Noah Rahm sold property at 106 Timber Lane Court to Evan Michaelson for $305,500.

Bell Acres

Ernest Westwood sold property at 143 Beech Ridge Drive to Juan and Andrea Banes Picon for $1,450,000.

Michael Lisanti sold property at 180 Summerlawn Drive to Gary and Heather Dunda for $560,000.


Richard Renzi sold property at 417 Chestnut Road to Noah and Jennifer Rahm for $425,000.

Laura Elizabeth Doyle sold property at 444 Woodland Road to RENO2 LLC for $775,000.


Kurt Carlson sold property at 300 N. Chaucer Court to Damien Philibert and Veronique Bourgier for $700,000.

Mark Botticello sold property at 105 William Penn Circle to Timothy and Devon Murdoch for $249,900.

Matthew Stahlman sold property at 112 William Penn Circle to William and Daphne Homer for $269,000.


Francisco Raposo sold property at 1503 Grandview Way to Anthony Riddel and Ashley Cunningham for $316,000.


Gregg Findley sold property at 616 Broad St. to Sirva Relocation Properties LLC for $281,000.

SIRVA Relocatioin Properties LLC sold property at 616 Broad St. to Thomas Pastore for $281,000.

Brenda Vester sold property at 306 Cherry Way to Brenda Yurick for $330,000.

Melissa McAllister sold property at 323 Logan St. to Robert Roog for $444,000.

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