Sewickley Academy athletes of the week: Aleena Purewal, Milla Ivanova

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 | 3:39 PM

Aleena Purewal and Milla Ivanova

School: Sewickley Academy

Sport: Tennis

Class: Junior and sophomore

Claim to fame: Aleena Purewal and Milla Ivanova have been on several different doubles teams this season, and Sewickley Academy coach Whitney Snyder found a winning combination when he put them together.

Purewal and Ivanova earned the Section 4-AA doubles championship and advanced to the WPIAL tournament.

What qualities does your teammate bring to the tennis court?

Milla: Aleena is really skilled at the net. She also has a really good serve and a cross-court forehand and backhand that are really powerful and help us succeed.

Aleena: Milla is really aggressive, and she never gives up. I know during our matches she was just always saying “never give up” and “make every point count.” I like that she’s always playing with a mentality like that.

What does it mean to you to win the section?

Milla: I think it’s a really great honor, and it was a really great opportunity given to us by Coach Snyder to play in this. It’s great.

Aleena: It’s pretty cool, because we played against pretty good teams, so it definitely means a lot to us to win.

Elim Chen and Roshni Thakkar are your teammates and gave you a tough finals match. What can you say about the way they played?

Milla: They were really tough opponents. Elim and Roshni each had great shots, so it was really well-played by both teams. I think our teams are really equal in ability.

Aleena: They’re such a good team with really great chemistry. When we were all on the court together, it was almost like a team thing instead of being against each other.

How would it feel to win a WPIAL title together?

Milla: It would be great for the school, and it would a great honor for us. WPIAL will have tougher competition throughout compared to sections. We’ll fight for it and see how far we can get.

Aleena: I think we could, because right now we’re doing pretty well. We’re a pretty strong team, so it would be really cool to do it.

If you could trade your teammate for one pro, who would it be?

Milla: I wouldn’t trade Aleena. We’re already a great team.

Aleena: Nope. I’m staying with Milla, too.