Sewickley Academy athlete of the week: Jack Gordon

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 | 10:43 AM

Jack Gordon

School: Sewickley Academy

Sport: Hockey

Class: Sophomore

Claim to fame: Jack Gordon has emerged as a playmaker for Sewickley Academy hockey and leads the team with nine goals and 11 points.

He scored a goal and had an assist recently against Chartiers Valley.

You had just two points last season. How have you developed your game to take a big step forward offensively?

Last year, I played for Pens Elite and didn’t get to be (with Sewickley Academy) for about half of our games. I also didn’t play nearly as much. We had nine seniors who left this past year, so that was a bigger factor. I also think I’ve just gotten bigger, stronger and faster.

What have you done to improve on the defensive end?

We lost quite a few guys, so it’s tough. We all just try to play our best game and communicate as a team. Communication is the biggest thing we’ve tried to work on.

Who has been invaluable in setting you up for scoring opportunities?

Probably Aidan Zorn, because he and I have played travel on the Pens Elite team for three or four years. He and I know what each other brings to the table, so we bring success to each other.

You’re still searching for that first win. How good will it feel when that time comes?

It’ll be awesome. We try not to get discouraged. Some games we’ve only had eight skaters. Aidan (has to be out for a while), so that’s tough. We know it’ll come and we’ll be super, super happy when it does.

What are the challenges on a small team?

We do our best to be prepared, and we have a lot of off-ice workouts, strength and conditioning, since we’re already on the ice a bunch. Communication is key, and we are in a small school so we see each other a lot. We take accountability when things go wrong. We might not have the skill we had with nine seniors last year, but I think our communication is better. We’ve just got to work through it.

What else do you enjoy doing at Sewickley Academy?

I love sports, so hockey, lacrosse and golf.

If you could practice with any pro hockey player, who would it be?

I’d probably say Steven Stamkos. I like the way he plays his whole game.