Remember when Sewickley pioneered kindergarten programs?

Thursday, January 3, 2019 | 1:24 PM

In the news this week 96 years ago:

• House Rep. Albert Johnson was scheduled to speak in the Sewickley School auditorium this week. Congressman Johnson was then the chairman of the House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization.

• Herald reporters brought to readers’ attention a pamphlet published in 1880 titled “The Kindergarten, Its Aims, Methods and Results” by Miss C.B. Morehouse. The booklet was significant because it documented Sewickley’s contribution to the development of kindergarten programs nationwide. The Rev. Joseph T. Travelli of Sewickley reportedly inspired the founding of the Pittsburgh Froebel Kindergarten in 1875 on what is now the city’s North Side. “Our Valley may well be proud of the part Sewickley played in promulgating one of the greatest forward steps in primary education,” the article read.

• Thirty horses were to compete in the 107th Field Artillery Horse Show at the Hunt Memorial Armory in Shadyside. Both hunters and jumpers were to participate.

• A large explosion at the Sterling Varnish Company in Haysville last week could be felt even in Sewickley.

“A heavy air-throb that shook doors and windows slightly was noticed in Sewickley about 1:20 on Wednesday afternoon, followed in a few minutes by the sounding of the ‘out-of-town’ signal on the Sewickley fire siren,” editors wrote.

While no one was hurt, the explosion demolished two factory buildings and all windows within several hundred feet were shattered, including several as far away as Glen Osborne and Coraopolis.

Every store front along Beaver Road had its windows and doors blown out.

Debris was cleaned up quickly and the business experienced only a slight delay in filling orders.

Melanie Linn Gutowski is a Tribune-Review contributing writer.