Remember When: 1969

Thursday, December 27, 2018 | 6:33 AM

In the news this week 49 years ago:

• County Commissioner Thomas J. Foerster spoke with Glenfield residents who were being displaced by the construction of Interstate 279 and promised to work on getting federal assistance for their plight.

Following the meeting, Foerster requested meetings with the Federal Bureau of Public Works and Highways and two other government offices to determine where previously promised relocation funds had gone. Approximately 120 homes were to be razed to make way for the highway.

• George L. Craig, Jr. donated 32 Kwanzan cherry trees as a memorial to his father, who founded the Sewickley Shade Tree Commission in 1912. The cherry trees were to fill the median strip on Broad Street and would be maintained by the Sewickley Council of Garden Clubs.

• Sewickley Valley Hospital announced its participation in a tuition-free practical nursing program offered by the Pittsburgh Board of Public Education. At the time, the one-year program was the only tuition-free course of its kind in the area.

Sewickley Valley Hospital was to host the second phase of the course, a 32-week clinical experience.

• Officials at the Greater Pittsburgh Airport announced a new traffic plan for Sunday, Jan. 4, 1970.

“The Sunday after New Years Day is normally the second biggest day of the year at Greater Pittsburgh Airport, and we intend to avert many of the problems encountered during the Thanksgiving Sunday rush,” said Allegheny County Aviation Director Martin J. Griffin. The plan included improvements to parking and traffic flow, as well as funneling incoming traffic through a number of secondary roads to ease congestion.

Melanie Linn Gutowski is a Tribune-Review contributing writer.