Remember When: 1966

Thursday, July 18, 2019 | 6:00 AM

In the news this week 53 years ago:

• Twelve-year-old Oliver Ewing of Sewickley visited Princeton University as a member of the Milton Hershey School choir. The group also visited Westminster Choir College and the Columbus Boy Choir School on their tour. Ewing was entering seventh grade in the fall.

• The commonwealth enacted the point system for driving offenses this week. A Herald editorial praised the development, writing that the state “has taken a first step in applying educational techniques to help the driver who has failed,” noting that the system differed from all others in the country in combining education and points to improve drivers’ skills.

• Roseann “Pug” Kleinfelter, winner of the year’s state amateur golf championship at Edgewood Country Club, played a practice round of golf at the Sewickley Heights Golf Club in preparation for the USGA Women’s 66th Amateur, which was to be played on that same course in August. Kleinfelter had first won the state title in 1959.

• Glen Osborne became the latest in a string of valley municipalities to sign up for coaxial television, or cable TV. Leetsdale, Ambridge and Edgeworth had completed their installations. Color Cable Inc. was in talks with Fair Oaks and Sewickley to bring the service to their areas. The fee for each installation in Osborne was $5, plus a “nominal monthly charge.”

• The Sweet Pea Discotheque opened in the Quaker Village Shopping Center this week. The club, organized by local youth, took its name “from the new song popular with teen-agers” — “Sweet Pea” by Tommy Roe. More than 250 teens attended the Sweet Pea’s opening, and live music was offered five nights a week. “Even go-go girls dance at intervals during the evening,” the paper marveled.