Remember When: 1959

Friday, May 24, 2019 | 6:00 AM

In the news this week 60 years ago:

• Sewickley was preparing to host its 79th annual Memorial Day program, led by Lt. Col. Fred L. Buswell of the U.S. Army Reserve Signal Corps, the honorary marshal. The parade would begin at American Legion Post 4 with activities planned throughout the evening, including a concert performed by the Quaker Valley High School band and chorus.

• The Pampey family of Leetsdale shared a snapshot from their recent vacation to Cuba. Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Pampey and their daughters, Judie and Candie, sailed to Havana aboard the SS Yarmouth on the four-day trip.

• Quaker Valley High School held its Roman Romance-themed prom last week. Music was provided by the Clyde Knight orchestra and the decor was meant to evoke a “Roman garden, complete with flower fountain, hedges, Roman statues and the big hi-light of the decorations — the marble columns which provided an evident atmosphere,” according to a report. Nancy Kordecki was chosen as prom queen. Post-prom events included a showing of the film “Don’t Go Near the Water” starring Glenn Ford and Anne Francis at the Sewickley Theatre and the after prom party at the Sewickley YMCA, where breakfast was served and the students were entertained with live music by Vin Vincent.

• New books acquired by the Sewickley Public Library included “Anne Frank: A Portrait in Courage” by Ernst Schnabel; “The Rainbow Comes and Goes,” a memoir by Lady Diana Cooper; and “Circle ‘Round the Square: Pictures from an Iowa Childhood” by Dorothy Daniel.