Remember When: 1955

Thursday, August 1, 2019 | 6:00 AM

In the news this week 64 years ago:

• The move to join five neighboring municipalities into one school district was delayed this week, with Sewickley school officials and members of the Proposed Quaker Valley Joint Schools board trading letters in an attempt to negotiate administrative issues.

In a letter dated July 23, the Proposed Quaker Valley Joint Schools board invited Sewickley to become the sixth member of its five-town district, with the caveat that Leetsdale provide the site of the senior high school. Sewickley’s board responded with a letter, stating that it preferred a 10-municipality union district to a joint school district. A joint school district would be achieved through a contract between local school boards, whereas a union district would be administered at the county level and allow for a more democratic process for the public. The state was offering 60% more funding for union districts than joint school districts.

• P.P. Knapp Co. at 437 Beaver Street announced the addition of Chanel products to the shop’s “already long list of popular perfumes.” Knapp’s would carry the French parfumier’s eau de cologne, talc bath powder and fine soaps.

• Seven Edgeworth boys, ages of 6 to 11, received a warning from police after Lt. Arthur J. Doud of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s police force discovered that stones had been placed on train tracks around town. Local officers responding to the complaint found “small footprints in the soft cinders of the tracks.” After warning the boys at the local community center, Doud took their names and addresses to notify their parents.

• Nine women from Leetsdale and Fair Oaks took part in Homemakers Week hosted by Penn State. The event included classes on photography, landscaping, jewelry making, poise exercises, creative stitching and home decor. Special activities included a barbecue in Hort Woods, a fashion show and “a banquet in the ballroom of the beautiful new Hetzel Union Building.”