Remember When: 1930

Thursday, April 4, 2019 | 6:00 AM

In the news this week 89 years ago:

• The Glenfield Volunteer Fire Department was granted a charter, though the company had been organized in 1915 in the private home of W. M. Robinson. The current membership numbered 33, with six original members continuing to serve. The company had spent the past few months staging fundraising events to pay for their new fire truck, a custom build that consisted of a Chevrolet chassis mounted with a body manufactured by the Howe Fire Apparatus Company of Indiana.

• An editorial discussed possible scenarios for local World War I memorials (then known as The Great War). While officials in Edgeworth and Glen Osborne seemed to favor individual memorials in their respective boroughs, Herald editors were in favor of one large memorial for all Valley residents who answered the call. “One must feel that the names of the boys who went out together from this Valley would look better together; it would speak better for the united community feeling of the Valley if all could join in one worthy tribute, working together in this cause as they did in the Red Cross and other patriotic work during the War.”

• The United Presbyterian Church hosted a performance of the Cambrian Concert Company, a group of Welsh artists. Performers included coloratura soprano Jeannette Christine; baritone Rhys Davies; and organist E. Power Biggs. The church’s new organ was cited as “one of the principal reasons which led to the concert company offering to come to Sewickley.”

• The local A&P advertised 8 O’clock coffee, 23 cents per pound; Gold Medal flour, 99 cents for a 23-pound sack; and sirloin steak, 48 cents per pound.