Remember When: 1925

Thursday, October 31, 2019 | 6:01 AM

In the news this week 94 years ago:

• “It is important for every citizen to vote next Tuesday,” Herald reporters wrote. “… for the complexion of Sewickley’s ballot showing makes a big difference in many ways; failure to secure a fair share of state or county benefits has been excused before now by the vote cast here, for instance. It is important to vote.”

• Sewickley Public Library added the following new titles to its shelves: “The Glorious Apollo,” by E. Barrington; “The Annexation Society,” by J. S. Fletcher; and “Barren Ground” by Ellen Glasgow.

• The Herald introduced a new column, “The Academy Record,” to be contributed by students of Sewickley Academy. Herald editors were responding to the establishment of the school’s current campus and its new status as a coeducational school. “Probably never before in Sewickley have such high hopes surrounded an enterprise and probably seldom in our history has so much love and faith been placed upon any group of citizens as has been lavished upon the head master and board of directors of the new school,” an editorial read. The new column would join “The Oracle,” the column written by Sewickley High School students.

• All final preparations had been made for the annual Halloween celebrations. “We have engaged one of the best jugglers to be had to amuse the big and little kids,” a column simply signed “Tommy” read. The traditional contests, a pie-eating contest, three-legged race and a sack race were to be held, along with two new contests, “but we are keeping them to ourselves,” he wrote. “Let everybody be a Tom Cat and howl for Hallowe’en and the kiddies.”

• A pistol shooting competition was to be held on Armistice Day, Nov. 11, at the newly completed pistol and rifle range on the property of T. A. McGinley of Sewickley Heights. The competition would feature teams made up of police officers from Edgeworth, Sewickley Heights and Woodlawn as well as the State Police. Two cups were offered by McGinley for first and second places.