Quaker Valley student work showcased in Remake Learning Days

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 | 1:03 PM

Your child comes home from school with stories about what they did during the day inside the classroom.

But did you ever want to see — and maybe try — some of those things for yourself, with them?

Remake Learning Days, held May 17 to 25, provides that opportunity.

With 250 events across the region, members of the Remake Learning Network are celebrating — and showcasing — all of the creative “future-ready, hands-on, relevant and engaging educational experiences” they provide for kids and their families, caregivers and educators, according to the event website. Nearly all of the events are free.

Quaker Valley will host several events to showcase innovative education and “cutting edge ways of thinking about learning” occurring in the classrooms, said Jeff Evancho, project zero program specialist.

“This is a way for you to enter into that space with your kids. There's a lot of hands-on things so you can try stuff out. You can interact with teachers,” he said.

The district will host — or participate in — several events during the two-week event.

“Remake Learning Days is an opportunity to share and learn about all the innovative education happening in western PA,” said high school teacher Matt Littell, whose students will partake in the Sea Air Land showcase on May 23 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Quaker Valley High School.

The showcase was “organized by students to show the types of thinking and learning they have been engaged with in physics class this year,” Littell said. “They have designed interactive challenges to allow visitors to experience design thinking, engineering and problem solving.”

Fourth grade students from the elementary schools will visit the showcase, which is open to the community.

The district also will have a program at the middle school that features its makerspace.

As attendees enter the school for the May 17 program — which runs from 5 to 7 p.m. — they will be greeted by students in the QV Biz Club, an entrepreneurship program, where students launched their own fabrication businesses — selling everything from digitally fabricated house signs to custom designed pencil kits, Evancho said.

Inside the makerspace, attendees will have a chance to explore what students are learning at the middle school.

Another program, at Edgeworth Elementary, on May 17 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., will feature what making and innovation is occurring inside the school, similar to an “open house,” Evancho said.

Students and educators from Quaker Valley also will partake in Remake Learning Days events occurring outside the district.

Through a partnership with the Entertainment Technology Center, students from Quaker Valley have spent a year in a program at the school. During Remake Learning Days, they will present their final pitch, Evancho said.

While Remake Learning Days gives an “entry point into seeing what learning looks like in a variety of ways,” Evancho said, there's a lot more going on than this.

“This doesn't showcase all of what Quaker Valley is doing,” he said.

Stephanie Hacke is a Tribune-Review contributing writer.