Quaker Valley athlete of the week: Dom Lagnese

Monday, April 15, 2019 | 11:05 PM

Dom Lagnese

School: Quaker Valley

Sport: Track and field

Class: Senior

Claim to fame: Dom Lagnese might be more well known for being Quaker Valley’s soccer goalkeeper, but the senior also excels for the track and field team.

His most recent feat was breaking a 21-year-old school discus record held by Sam Yarrington by more than four feet. He has gradually increased his distance every year and hopes to win a title.

Lagnese’s record-breaking throw was 160 feet, 3.5 inches.

Did you know you were close to breaking the school record in discus or was it a complete surprise?

I think I was expecting to do it at some point. I’ve been going after it for the past year or so, but that throw in particular I actually wasn’t trying to break the record. It just happened to come out right. It was exciting. It was one of my goals the last two years to be on the record board.

What’s important from a technique standpoint in discus?

Most of it is just about the release and making sure it’s coming out nice and level. You don’t want it shooting at the sky, but having more of a line drive helps.

What do you feel you can do to improve your distance for WPIALs?

Definitely consistency in practices. I want to be able to have a throw where I give 100 percent and it comes out right. Recently, my throws come out wrong if I try to give it all my strength.

What other events do you compete in?

This year I’m just doing the discus and 4-by-100. I never really got into shot put or javelin. This year I’m a senior, and I figured it’d be best to just to focus on discus mostly. I’ve been on the 4-by-100 every year, and I guess I’m still one of the fastest on the team.

Are there any similarities between goalkeeping, discus and shot put?

Oh, I think with being a goalie I’ve had to be explosive and agile. That’s the same thing in the circle for discus. You have to explode out for a good throw, and it helps to be agile so you don’t fall out of the circle.

You’ve won soccer championships. What would it mean to you to win a gold medal in discus?

Wow. I mean that would definitely be really cool. Track is a bit more competitive on an individual basis, so it’d mean a lot to show how much all of that work, especially in the last year, has paid off for discus. It’d definitely mean a lot to me.