Quaker Valley athlete of the week: Corinne Washington

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 | 1:00 AM

Corinne Washington

School: Quaker Valley

Sport: Basketball

Class: Junior

Claim to fame: Corinne Washington is Quaker Valley’s leading scorer with 18 points per game. She most recently tallied 25 points in a 46-33 win over Montour, and hopes her best performance will come in the playoffs.

You’ve taken over games on the offensive end this season. What’s your go-to shot?

Probably a layup, because ever since I started playing basketball in middle school, that’s just been my go-to way to score.

You’re also a great rebounder. Do you feel that part of your game gets overlooked and what is the key to dominating in the paint?

I definitely get overlooked at times, because sometimes girls from other teams won’t even put a body on me. I think the key is going hard for the ball and putting yourself in the right position. You can’t just stand and watch the ball. You’ve got to move and be in the right place if someone misses.

How confident are you in this team heading into the playoffs?

I’m very confident. I feel we have a very complete team with a lot of good 3-point shooters, rebounders, ball handlers and everyone is solid. Last year was a good test for us, and we made it to the second round. We know what playoffs will be like, and we’re ready.

How important are seniors Amy Wilson and Maura Conlin to this team?

They’re the reason the whole team works so hard, just because of the presence they bring to the court. If you make a mistake, they’ll always be there for you to tell you it’s fine and to pick you up. They have so many years of experience too, so they set a great example for the rest of the team.

How much chemistry do you have with fellow juniors Bailey Garbee and Claire Kuzma?

Bailey sets me up with really great shots. She drives really hard and draws attention to herself as a great shooter, which frees everyone else up to make plays with the ball. Claire is an excellent rebounder. She gets so many defensive boards that lead to fast breaks and offensive boards that we put back up. She really spurs our offense around the boards.

What else do you enjoy at Quaker Valley?

I really like science. It’s really interesting. In biology, we are learning about digestive and nervous systems and things like that.

If you could change one rule in basketball, what would it be?

Definitely the five fouls rule. I have played a few games with four fouls, and that kind of trips me up. Then I feel like I have to play so tentatively after that. Give me at least 10.

What current pro player would you love to have as a mentor?

Probably Kawhi Leonard. His game is just so smooth. Things also don’t get to him on the court. The mental aspect of basketball is really important, and that’s something I really want to improve.

What’s you biggest play of the year so far?

I guess I’m hoping to save that for the playoffs. Just keep looking forward, because what happened in the past has already happened. It’s the playoffs we’re looking forward to now.