Leetsdale set to pave several roads this year

Monday, March 12, 2018 | 11:00 PM

Leetsdale has selected a contractor for the 2018 phase of the borough's roadway repaving project. Council members voted unanimously March 8 to award the project to Monongahela-based Victor Paving & Construction Inc.

The contractor submitted the lowest bid out of 10 total bids, ranging from $301,548 to $468,037.

Victor will pave a total of 13 roads, which includes Sycamore Spur, Oak Drive, Elm Drive, Riverview Drive, Beech Court, Beech Street, Winding Road, Wood Spur, Victory Terrace, Sixth Street; and sections of Petrun Road, Third at First streets and the Route 65 overpass ramp down to First Street, borough engineer Dan Slagle said. The Leetsdale Wastewater Treatment Plant driveway also was added to the previous list.

Shawn Zeni, vice president of Victor Paving, said the roads can certainly use the maintenance.

“There are some of them that, to the trained eye, could have the potential to get really bad if you let them go, to the point of being dangerous,” he said.

Leetsdale last worked with Victor back in 2014, when the contractor paved a portion of Beaver Street and all of Village Drive. The borough's consulting firm, Nichols & Slagle Engineering Inc., has developed a good relationship with the company.

“We've dealt with them for the past 40 years, they're a great contractor,” Slagle said.

The 2018 phase will cost significantly less than projections made prior to the start of the borough's four-year roadway repaving program.

“Our estimate to do this job was $350,000, so it came in $50,000 under our estimate,” Slagle said.

Multiple municipal entities are contributing funds to the project. Edgeworth Water Authority will pay about $56,800 for Victory Lane, while Leet Township will cover half of Beech Street, in the amount of nearly $17,000. Leetsdale Borough Municipal Authority is going to pay about $5,450 for a portion of Sixth Street. This brings the projected net cost to Leetsdale down to $222,270.

This year's bidding process was among the most competitive Slagle has ever seen. Victor came in about $500 lower than the next lowest bidder.

“This is the first time, in my career of doing this for 40 years, that all 10 bidders who took out plans and specs actually submitted a bid,” Slagle said. “It's a very competitive and aggressive atmosphere out there. But who benefits from it? The borough.”

Paving likely will begin in the spring and will finish before the Fourth of July.

Sam Bojarski is a Tribune-Review contributing writer.