Garden tour returns to Sewickley area

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 6:00 AM

Pops of color and a swathes of green surround Lisa Pegden’s home. The open doors of a newly constructed conservatory allow a breeze to brush the petals of potted flowers, and an outdoor brick oven and seating area welcomes guests to the expansive space.

While her Edgeworth garden is meticulously cultivated, Pegden doesn’t expect perfection.

“It’s nature, so it’s not perfect,” she said. “People expect that.”

Pegden’s garden will be one of five private grounds open for the 2019 Sewickley Garden Tour. Mary Roberts Rinehart Nature Park will also be open for the event, to be held June 14 and 15.

Hosted by the Sewickley Civic Garden Council, the tour helps fund greenspace enhancement, education and grants to schools and nonprofits.

The council is comprised of members from five area organizations — Edgeworth Garden Club, Grapevine Garden Club, The Little Garden Club, Trowel & Error Garden Club and Village Garden Club.

President Natalie Mueller said residents of Sewickley and surrounding areas value greenspace, and the council supports efforts to improve and preserve it.

Recently sponsored projects include the gazebo project at Wolcott Park, landscaping at Sweetwater Center for the Arts and the Union Aide Society, and improvements at Rinehart Park.

Lynn Popovich, who is co-chair of the tour with Martha Selleck, said the event occurs every other year and brings in around $20,000.

“All of the money goes back into the community,” Popovich said.

The council hosts May Mart and a speaker series.

In addition to Pegden’s garden, the grounds of two historical estates and two “Labors of Love” gardens will be featured on the tour.

For information and tickets, visit www.