Beverly McQuone selected as Woman of the Year

Thursday, April 11, 2019 | 6:00 AM

Beverly McQuone is the first person many people meet when they come to Sewickley.

A Realtor of nearly four decades, McQuone uses her profession to share her appreciation for her hometown with anyone who’s interested.

“I love this town,” said McQuone of the neighborhood she came to more than 40 years ago when her husband’s work as an attorney brought them to the area. “We’re small-town people. We like the ambiance, the environment. This is where we wanted to make our home.”

Beyond serving as the town’s unofficial ambassador, McQuone has given back to the community she adores in many ways. For her efforts, she has been named Sewickley Herald Woman of the Year.

“She gives so much to our community,” says Andrea Croft, kindergarten teacher at Edgeworth Elementary where McQuone has volunteered for the past nine years. “She makes Sewickley a better place. She’s an integral part of our town.”

Every Thursday morning, “Miss Beverly” can be found in Croft’s classroom, engaging with the students as part of the Generations Together program.

“The children come in and can’t even tie their shoes. A lot don’t know how to write their name, then when they leave, they’re writing their name, they’re counting to 100, they’re doing their alphabet. It’s a wonderful privilege for me to do that,” McQuone said.

Croft said her students can feel McQuone’s excitement and passion for being in the classroom, and they respond to it.

“She is a gem,” Croft said. “She just has a beautiful, easy, natural connection with the young children. I always hear them laughing together, and I can tell she really enjoys her time here. I feel so lucky and fortunate to have her here.”

Serving in a school is a natural fit for McQuone, who worked as a teacher in the 1970s. She taught high school English as a long-term substitute for Quaker Valley and at Sewickley Academy. The job offered her flexibility to volunteer her time in a variety of ways. She joined the Child Health Association of Sewickley, the nonprofit women’s organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children in Western Pennsylvania.

“Child Health is not a coffee klatch — it is a business,” says McQuone. “They do amazing work for the children of the area. That was important to me.”

She served the group in a variety of ways, including conducting community research, organizing decorations for events and participating in its fundraiser cookbook.

McQuone’s volunteer work in Sewickley also has included stints as a gift shop worker at the hospital, as a member of the YMCA’s board of directors, as a Girl Scout troop leader, as a Sunday school teacher at St. Stephen’s, and as one of the original servers at the Christy House, the church’s volunteer-run tea room and popular lunch spot.

Her favorite role, however, is mother to her three daughters. She and husband Gary are parents to Shannon Mulholland, head of Middle School at Sewickley Academy; Dr. Shelly McQuone, a surgeon; and Kerry McQuone, chief marketing officer with tech company GrayMatter.

Mulholland said their mother taught each woman to work hard and find joy in the way they contribute to the world.

“She is a person of so much passion, integrity and care for her family and community,” Mulholland said. “For me, the highest compliment someone could pay me is to tell me I’m like my mother. That’s meaningful to me. There are so many people nowadays who say, ‘I hope I don’t turn into my mother.’ We feel just the opposite. That would be such a compliment to know we lived a life like she has.”

Each of McQuone’s daughters know how much their mother appreciates the Sewickley community, and all have decided to make their homes there as well. Her love of her town is always apparent, Mulholland said.

“I could be in Jamaica and say, ‘It’s 85 degrees here and gorgeous. You should see this water,’ and she would say to me, ‘Well, you should see it here. It’s beautiful in Sewickley today!’ ” she said with a laugh. “Sewickley was always her most favorite place to be.”

For the past 40 years, McQuone has dedicated her career to encouraging others to make their homes there as well. Her friend Susie Reuter encouraged her to pursue real estate as a career once her daughters were a little older, and the two have been partners at Berkshire Hathaway for many years.

“She’s an enthusiastic person,” said Reuter. “She’s enjoyable to be around. She has a good personality and good people skills. She cares really, truly about her family, her friends and her community, and she’s got enough heart for all three.”

McQuone has been named to the company’s Chairman’s Circle many times, an honor for top sales agents that has taken her all over the world, to places such as Budapest, Buenos Aires and Spain. But McQuone isn’t in her profession for the accolades. She uses her job as a vehicle to promote her beloved hometown.

“I love it. I love telling people about this Village. The town is very important to me,” she said. “I promote the fact we’re near the airport, we’ve got great schools. It is a town where you close the streets and have parades. The kids can get on their bikes and go places. We have a fabulous Y. It’s quite nice.”

McQuone sees her job as much more than selling houses. She works to cultivate a real connection with her clients to find the best fit for each. She stays sharp, keeping up with advances in the field and following up with clients to ensure they are satisfied. Her reputation has attracted some high-profile clients, including several professional athletes.

McQuone is most proud, however, of the fact her own children have opted to live in Sewickley as well. She loves spending time with them and her seven grandchildren and continuing to make memories in the town she calls home.

“My life is my family and my work,” she said, “and I feel very blessed to have this kind of a life.”

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